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Gotch-Ya Bait & Tackle has one of the best selections of fishing bait and tackle in Rushville, Ohio, with regular customers traveling from as far as you can imagine. You’ll notice that fishing is our first love and we carry tackle for all local species. Should you not find what you are looking for we would be more than happy to make a special order for you.

Customer service is our first priority, and we’re more than happy to give advice to the weekend angler or to the more serious tournament angler. We’ll help you buy what's right for you.

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Premier bait and tackle

In business for just over two years, Gotch-Ya Bait & Tackle has become one of Ohio’s premier bait and tackle shops for anglers. Whether you fish for fun or secretly yearn to be a tournament pro, Gotch-Ya Bait & Tackle has you covered with an outstanding selection and competitive prices, seven days a week. It has been this dedication to customer service that has allowed us to grow and expand. (Now we’re even on the internet.)

We take great pride in our level of service and try our hardest to bring to you the latest in innovative lines of product. We are fisher people and understand what makes an enjoyable day on the water. Please come and join us for any in store promotions we may have going on.


What we do

Everyday fishing needs

Gotch-Ya Bait & Tackle has been in business for over 2 years in the same location in Rushville, Ohio. We carry a full line of bait and tackle and are open 24 hours a day until the fall. During fall and through the winter we open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

If you want an unofficial fishing report on our local and surrounding waters, give us a call or come on by.

Fishing supplies

Gotch-Ya Bait and Tackle carries an impressive array of fishing tackle, gear and live bait. We stay ahead of all the latest products and trends while at the same time we stay in tune with what has worked in the past.

We carry the best worms, lures, bait, rods, reels, fishing lines, and a variety of accessories.


We carry a wide variety of bait. We sell the best worms and minnows you’ll find anywhere. We also have a great selection of lures that provide movement, vibration, action and color to attract a fish’s attention.

We guarantee our bait will put a fish
on your hook,
and then a smile on
your face.

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Stock up on everything you need for your fishing rigs at Gotch-Ya Bait & Tackle. We’ve got lines, hooks and sinkers to help you get the big one on the line and in the boat or on the shore.

Come on in and explore all our fishing lures to complete your tackle box and trigger those tough bites.

Rod and Reels

As the saying goes, “Don’t spare the rod.” The better the rod the more sensitive it will be, the more responsive it will be, and the more you will be able to cast farther and have a better feel for the fish on your line. Part of being a better angler is the ability to place your lure/bait exactly where you want it, often as quietly as possible, and a good rod will definitely help you accomplish this.

With the numerous rod selections available today we know it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you. Let us help you with your rod and reel selection. We have top quality products that will surely make your fishing experience a better one.

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